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Hello there!

I take part in the Discord, Graphic Design, Jailbreak, Raspberry Pi and Linux community.

More about me here ...

... Oh yeah and I love gradients, if you haven't noticed yet 😉

About Me



I like to tweak web-based things. I keep exploring and try to learn whatever comes upon my path.


Kenji Bailly

I'm a 26 years old dude who lives in Belgium.
I'm all about finding balance.


Mind Glowing

I'm a psychedelic artist with a broad range of experimental styles.


Ubuntu Server Raspberry Pi

I own a Linux Server that I built myself and 2 Raspberry Pi's. Two of them run Ubuntu and one of the RPI's Debian. I love to put all my project in docker containers.

My Projects

Have a look at some of my projects.

You could perhaps find more on my Github

  • Mind Glowing 🎨

    Mind Glowing is my psychedelic artist name.

    I've been creating digital design for over 13 years now and I'm focusing on 3D art at this moment.

    This is my main project, go take a look and join the support server!

    All links to Mind Glowing click here

  • Deep Dream 🎨

    I programmed an application based on Google's Deep Dream AI script.

    This is my first application I have programmed in Python.

    I learned Python just to create this application.

    The application has a user interface (GUI) and can be installed using an installer (.exe)

  • The Docs 📖

    The main purpose of the docs is to create free tutorials for beginners.

    All these tutorials will be IT related.

  • Galaxy Cowboy👾

    Galaxy Cowboy is a Discord bot that is on constant developping and is ready to use.

    The origin of Galaxy Cowboy comes from a Guild Wars 2 guild that I was leading.

    Status: Not working on the bot anymore.

  • Jailbreak 🔒

    I develop Jailbreak widgets for Xen HTML.

    Add the repo and check it out. They are all free!

    There are four package manager links through the website to install the tweak, isnt't that great?

    This project isn't active anymore.

  • Raspberry Pi

    I learned a lot through my Raspberry Pi's.

    I recently upgraded my Raspberry Pi 4 to a Linux Server

    I run PiHole on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and use it for reduntant backupping

  • Linux Server 🐧

    This website, Galaxy Cowboy👾 and it's database are all running on my Linux Server.

    On this Server I also run monitoring tools, a media server and more. All in Docker containers.

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